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ISBN   978-1-934894-08-8

296 pages
This collection inaugurates the
MOTIF series of anthologies,
each of which is focused on a theme.  

The motif for Volume 1 is
MOTIF  [mo-TEEF]      

... a decorative design or pattern

... a distinctive feature or dominant idea in an artistic or literary composition

... a short succession of musical notes producing a single impression: a brief
melodic or rhythmic formula out of which longer passages are developed

... an ornament of lace, braid, etc., sewn separately on a garment

... a distinctive sequence on a protein or DNA, having a three-dimensional      
    structure that allows binding interactions to occur

                                                                                                                                          (definitions from Oxford American College Dictionary)
Each submission in this collection takes
music as a motif, either prominently or in
artfully subtle ways. The anthology includes
fiction, nonfiction and poetry, as well as  
song lyrics by the likes of
Patty Griffin and
Buddy & Julie Miller. Other contributors
Silas House, Barbara Crooker,
Pamela Duncan, George Ella Lyon and
Maurice Manning.  
From reviewer & songwriter
Sue Massek
of Reel World String Band:

Writing By Ear reminds us of music’s power to form and transform, to
ascend to the heavens and descend into despair, to create bridges and
carry us across them, to bring together and strengthen those who struggle
for social justice, and to comfort those who are alone.

Motif editor Marianne Worthington has woven these stories, songs and
poems with music’s silken threads, creating a symphony that rocks, sways
and syncopates in rhythm to the heartbeats of humankind and follows the
melodies and harmonies flowing through our veins.

The writers’ voices reflect the rich forms and styles of their deliciously
diverse home places.  From lullabies to rants, lonesome fiddle tunes to
sassy saxophone improvisation, past the blues through jazz and hip-hop,
Writing By Ear takes us on a journey on the wings of words sure to
connect us with the songs of our souls.
From reviewer & music journalist
Peter Cooper
of The Tennessean:

It makes no sense, this music, and that is as it should be.

There are people who seem to have mastered it, who have willed
their voices and hands to gift us the precious things held in hearts
and hips. Even then, there's no answer.

Within this beautiful book are thousands of words that offer poetry
and laughter, peace and respite, Piano Red and Patty Loveless.
There are burgundy shoes here, and feet that tattoo the earth.
There is Roy, the wino who worked for Bud Whedbee doing
maintenance jobs. There is bourbon and ginger, and melody
and harmony in between the lines. All adorn the mystery, with
no notion to unravel.
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Introducing our MOTIF series ...
Volume 1:
Writing By Ear - an anthology of writings about music

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