Motif v4:
Seeking Its Own Level

ISBN   978-1-934894-55-2

Motif v1:
Writing By Ear

ISBN   978-1-934894-08-8
Lose yourself in the MOTIF anthology series.

Each volume focuses on a single theme
addressed by a variety of genres and styles.
MOTIF  [mo-TEEF]      

... a decorative design or pattern

... a distinctive feature or dominant idea in an artistic or literary composition

... a short succession of musical notes producing a single impression: a brief
melodic or rhythmic formula out of which longer passages are developed

... an ornament of lace, braid, etc., sewn separately on a garment

... a distinctive sequence on a protein or DNA, having a three-dimensional
structure that allows binding interactions to occur

                                                                                                                              (definitions from Oxford American College Dictionary)
These anthologies include song lyrics by the likes of Patty Griffin, Caroline Herring, and Buddy & Julie Miller.

Fiction, nonfiction and poetry contributors include
Margaret Atwood, Jill McCorkle, Jamie Quatro, Silas House, Barbara Crooker, Pamela Duncan,
George Ella Lyon, Michael McFee, Joseph Bathanti, Cathy Smith Bowers, Randall Horton, Irene Latham,
Ron Houchin
, Karen Salyer McElmurray, Frank X Walker, Dana Wildsmith, Wayne Cresser,
Normandi Ellis, Darnell Arnoult, Maurice Manning, Joyce Dyer, Roxanne Gay, Richard Hague,
Pauletta Hansel, Cyn Kitchen, Belinda Ann Mason, Jim Minick, Lee Howard,  Noel Smith, Anne Shelby.
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Enjoy our MOTIF anthology series ...
 Vol. 1:   Writing By Ear - an anthology of writings about MUSIC
Vol. 2:   Come What May - an anthology of writings about CHANCE
Vol. 3:   All the Livelong Day - an anthology of writings about WORK
 Vol. 4:   Seeking Its Own Level - an anthology of writings about WATER
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Praise for Motif v1: Writing By Ear
Sue Massek
songwriter, Reel World String Band

WRITING BY EAR reminds us of music’s power to form and transform, to ascend to the heavens and descend into despair, to create bridges and
carry us across them, to bring together and strengthen those who struggle for social justice, and to comfort those who are alone.

MOTIF editor Marianne Worthington has woven these stories, songs and poems with music’s silken threads, creating a symphony that rocks,
sways and syncopates in rhythm to the heartbeats of humankind and follows the melodies and harmonies flowing through our veins.

The writers’ voices reflect the rich forms and styles of their deliciously diverse home places.  From lullabies to rants, lonesome fiddle tunes to
sassy saxophone improvisation, past the blues through jazz and hip-hop, WRITING BY EAR takes us on a journey on the wings of words sure to
connect us with the songs of our souls.

Peter Cooper
music journalist, The Tennessean:

It makes no sense, this music, and that is as it should be.

There are people who seem to have mastered it, who have willed their voices and hands to gift us the precious things held in hearts and hips.
Even then, there's no answer.

Within this beautiful book are thousands of words that offer poetry and laughter, peace and respite, Piano Red and Patty Loveless. There are
burgundy shoes here, and feet that tattoo the earth. There is Roy, the wino who worked for Bud Whedbee doing maintenance jobs. There is
bourbon and ginger, and melody and harmony in between the lines. All adorn the mystery, with no notion to unravel.
Neela Vaswani
author of You Have Given Me A Country and Where The Long Grass Bends

With a passion and focus most editors only dream of, Marianne Worthington spins a bold thread through the essays, poems, stories, and songs
of the second volume in the Motif series, COME WHAT MAY: An Anthology of Writings About Chance. Here are brief encounters that sprout
generations; split seconds of ruin; sudden migrations, lust, and strife. These pieces remind us to cling to life's lessons with grace and humor.
Worthington steers what could be an unwieldy theme through a touching and illuminating series of pirouettes. Following her deft lead, there's a
chance this anthology will delight those lucky enought to read it.

Janice Eidus
author of War of the Rosens

Take a chance on COME WHAT MAY. You won't regret it. With remarkable insight and intelligence, 136 talented writers across a broad
spectrum of geography, generations and genres delve deeply into the meaning and nature of synchronicity, coincidence, luck, fate, bashert and
kismet--and the very enigma of human existence. COME WHAT MAY is an important book for anyone interested in understanding humankind
today, individually and collectively--and why we act, think and feel as we do.
Praise for Motif v2: Come What May

Motif v2:
Come What May

ISBN   978-1-934894-30-9
Praise for Motif v3: All the Livelong Day
Maurice Manning
author of The Common Man, 2011 Pulitzer Prize finalist

There is a stiff, overly contemplative vein in literature that connects the worlds we find in books to leisure. How many novels give us characters
who apparently don’t do anything? How many poems seem to emerge from a visit to a first-class resort? Literature of a different vein, however,
rewards the reader with a hands-on grasp of the world as it is on the ground—characters do things with their hands, they touch tools and
machines, they take the laundry from the line, they weed the garden, they bend their bodies to a task. In short, some literature gives us a world
where people actually work. Some work, indeed, is drudgery, but some work leads us unexpectedly to beauty. Some of the work we do is a sign
of love. The love that comes from work—from work of all kinds—is the force I find most palpable in this moving and wholly alive anthology.
Sometimes that love is stern, sometimes it goes unrecognized, but there it is in the world, like two fingers pinching a clothespin, or a voice
singing with the song of a shovel. We need love to wear its work clothes now and then, and I’m glad we have ALL THE LIVELONG DAY to
remind us.

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Praise for Motif v4: Seeking Its Own Level
David Joy
author of Growing Gills: A Fly Fisherman’s Journey

"Under the rocks are the words," Norman Maclean wrote of the river, and in this water-themed volume of MOTIF all stones are thrown
aside. What's left are the words. From established forces like Margaret Atwood to emerging voices like Jon Sealy, this anthology is a rare
blend of literary current guaranteed to leave you breathless.

Mark Powell
author of The Sheltering and The Dark Corner

From the terror of Middle Passage to the clouded streams of Appalachia, from dreams of floods to the very real waters of the Lower Ninth
Ward, SEEKING ITS OWN LEVEL is a brilliant and essential collection of poetry and prose by new and established writers. Reading it is,
in the words of a poet, to "sit and stare into that blue history."

Motif v3:
All the Livelong Day

ISBN   978-1-934894-46-0