"Former industry lobbyists working as agency heads and department deputies issued the so called
'fill rule' to remove 30-year-old laws barring coal companies from dumping mining waste into streams.
This step cleared the way for mountaintop removal, which within a few years could flatten an area of the
Appalachians the size of Delaware. This change must be reversed to restore the original intent of the
Clean Water Act and prevent mining companies from using our streams and rivers as dumps."
-  Robert F. Kennedy Jr  in  WE ALL LIVE DOWNSTREAM
is a multi-genre anthology of noted authors
and young writers speaking out against
mountaintop removal coal mining.

There is the fifth-grader who vows to fight the
destruction until he's "laid in the ground,"
the college student who recalls her shock and
heartbreak at first seeing a mountaintop removal site,
the best-selling novelist who believes that "to destroy
mountains is to spit in the face of God."

This startling collection includes writers from
17 states and features material from
celebrated artists and activists such as
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Wendell Berry,
Earl Hamner, Ashley Judd, Silas House,
Denise Giardina, Erik Reece,
Bobbie Ann Mason, Bob Edwards,
Penny Loeb, Hal Crowther, Jean Ritchie,
Terry Tempest Williams, Jeff Biggers,
Ann Pancake, George Ella Lyon, Ben Sollee
and many more.

Edited by journalist & activist
Jason Howard
(coauthor of Something's Rising),
this book presents a
rallying chorus of dissent
against a reckless industry
and drives home the point that energy
(particularly domestic coal)
is everyone's issue …
not only at the source but
all the way "downstream."

ISBN   978-1-934894-07-1

300 pages

Includes fiction, nonfiction, poetry,
lyrics, photographs, poster art
Available from
ask your local bookstore to order it!
(distributed by Ingram)

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(c) 2012
Rebekah Ainsworth
Sean Angermeier
Wendell Berry
Jeff Biggers
Beth Bissmeyer
Jessica Boggs
Judy Bonds
Patricia Bragg
Ivy Brashear
Neva Bryan
Frances Buerkens
Josh Bullard
Cooper Burton
Brooke Calton
Jack Carter
Rep. Ben Chandler
Brennan Clark
Linsey Clark
Stephen Couch
Scotty Cox
Hal Crowther
Catherine Dawahare
Davis Dejarnette
Pamela Duncan  
Joyce Dyer
Maurice Manning  
Graham Marema
Bobbie Ann Mason
Sue Massek
Alex Masterson
Beverly May
Cody McClanahan
Donna McClanahan
Karen Salyer McElmurray
Janna McMahan
Abby Miller
Daniel Martin Moore
Will Nelms
Ann Pancake
Lisa Parker
Janisse Ray
Erik Reece  
Mark Reynolds
Jean Ritchie
Ellen Robertson
Sarah Katherine Saylor
Anne Shelby  
Cody Simpkins
Matthew Sleeth
Kathleen Smith
Mackenzie Kirchner-Smith
Noel Smith
Ben Sollee
Erin Stapleton
Neela Vaswani
Jocelyn White
Terry Tempest Williams
Tiffany Williams
Meredith Sue Willis
Marianne Worthington  
Jack Wright
Bob Edwards
Lucy Flood
Sarah Francis
Bev Futrell
Denise Giardina
Brianne Goldberg
Earl Hamner  
Tom Hansell
Jane Hicks
Ron Houchin
Cheyenne House
Olivia Jean-Louise House
Silas House  
Lee Howard
Patricia Hudson
Ashley Judd  
Jessie Lynne Keltner  
Justin Kennady
Robert F. Kennedy Jr
Walter King
Kaitlyn Klaber
Kate Larken
Anna Leidecker
Penny Loeb
Denton Loving
Sylvia Lynch
George Ella Lyon
We All Live