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A little girl copes with being left alone in New York
City. A preteen “wild child” freely explores rural
Florida, long before it is developed for the tourist
trade. A teenager whose mother is gravely ill tries to
connect with her reserved father. A young wife in
Appalachia faces the aftermath of a mining accident
involving her husband.

In these scenes from “Teddy’s Piece,” resilience of
character is the necessary result of adapting to

Told with poignancy and heart, “Teddy’s Piece”
proves that it is in life’s specifics that we recognize
universal truths.
... TEDDY'S PIECE is a treasure chest
of memory, a peek inside the creative
process, and a collection of historic
photographs from the production

(c) 2012
ISBN    978-1-934894-37-8
HARDCOVER w/ dust jacket
88 pages
The authors, Rema Keen (left) and Kate Larken, at Appalshop, mid-1990s.

KATE LARKEN &  REMA KEEN are, among other things,
playwrights and performing artists.
Their one-woman  play, “Teddy’s Piece,”
based on the extraordinary life of a beloved matriarch,
toured during the 1990s and 2000s.

The show not only won a Best Play award for its co-writing,
it also won the hearts of thousands who watched Teddy's
story unfold onstage—a further collaboration between
Keen in the lead role and Larken as director.

Fifteen years after its theatrical debut, this unique script
is now made available in a literary edition for its fans,
past and future, to relive and enjoy.
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