Indispensable tool for genealogy research!
ISBN   978-1-934894-19-4

128 pages
photographically illustrated
Many outstanding photographs of grave markers in various
stages of aging, and from the final resting places of the
well-known to the humble, illustrate this beautiful book.  
Its 8x11 format makes it easy to use as a reference manual.
excerpts from the FOREWORD . . .

[I]n the last two decades millions of Americans have
become almost obsessed with genealogical research. The
Internet has become an invaluable tool for Americans in
search of their ancestral roots, but other specialized
research tools are emerging, too.

Stories Told in Stone [is] for genealogists of all skill
levels who undertake cemetery iconography and
gravestone interpretation. Researchers who spend time
in cemeteries and graveyards confront a confusing array
of carvings, monuments, and statues. Cooper’s
workbook takes the mystery and the guesswork out of
interpreting these icons and markers. This fine
genealogical tool explains that these icons and symbols
offer factual insight into ethnicity, religious affiliation,
association membership, kinships, cause of death, and
even occupation.

Stories Told in Stone also enables genealogical
researchers to interpret cemetery and graveyard icons
within the historical context of their times.

Stories Told in Stone will help you transform
cemeteries and graveyards into open-air museums and

James M. Gifford, Ph.D.
CEO & Senior Editor
Jesse Stuart Foundation
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