Learn the story of Alice Slone ...
a true
Kentucky Hero
ISBN    978-1-934894-06-4
Biography for young readers
80 pages
Where in Kentucky are Lotts Creek and Cordia?
They are in Knott County, in the mountainous
southeastern portion of the state.
How did Alice develop her plan for the settlement school she founded?
She studied other settlement schools, and she visited Hull
House, the historic settlement house in Chicago that was
founded by Jane Addams in 1889.
What's so special about a settlement school?
Settlement schools are more than just schools -- they are a vital part of a
community and offer learning experiences for both children & adults.
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Fascinating stories of people whose lives
were made richer by Kentucky and enriched it in return

Nancy Kelly Allen enjoys digging up facts
and weaving them together to tell the life
stories of people who intrigue her. She
finds research fascinating because
something new is always out there waiting
to be discovered. Entering the minds and
hearts of the subjects of her biographies
has taught her to appreciate going back in
time to places in history that can only
visited through literature.

Her careers as a social worker, teacher,
and librarian have provided a creative base
to nurture her love of putting pen to paper.
Nancy is the author of several children’s
books. Her picture book, On the Banks of
the Amazon, won the Appalachian Book of
the Year in children’s literature.

Nancy was born in Kentucky and lives in
the same log cabin in which she grew up.
She has a master’s degree in Education
from Morehead State University and a
master’s in Library and Information
Science from the University of Kentucky.
She lives with her husband, Larry, and her
two canine writing muses, Pippin Pooh and
Harrietta Scattercat.

Nancy enjoys hearing from her readers.
She can be contacted on her Web site
(c) 2012
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Educated women who established settlement schools were true pioneers.
They began with nothing more than a dream, an idea. They had no books to
teach them how to get the job done; they learned by doing. Few jobs were
available to educated women in the early part of the 20th Century, so being
the true pioneers they were, women such as Alice Slone and Alice Lloyd
created jobs for themselves.
excerpt from the book ...

At the tender age of thirteen, Alice understood that she could achieve her
dream if she worked hard. She also understood that without her mother’s
intervention, her life would have taken a very different course.

When Alice left for Ohio, Commodore handed her fifteen dollars!  “I’ve never
had so much money in my life,” she marveled. “Glory be! From Commodore,
at that.”

Alice thought of how long Commodore must have worked to earn that
money. How much he sacrificed to give her such a gift. Now she realized
why he accepted nothing but the best from them: Commodore wanted
his brothers and sisters to be the best they could become.

With tears in her eyes and a lump in her throat, Alice waved good-bye to her

A bumpy twelve-mile ride on a jolt wagon took an excited thirteen-year-old
Alice to Wayland to catch a train. “The ride is rough,” Alice thought, “but the
future looks smooth.”

The locomotive slowly puffed through the narrow valleys and snaked along
the mountains to where the land leveled out. The flat countryside looked as if
the mountains had rolled over and lain down.

Doubts, as black as the smoke from the locomotive that chugged up the
tracks, began to cloud Alice’s excitement. “Who are these people I will live
with?” she questioned herself. “What if they don’t like me? What if they are
impossible to live with?”

Doubts about being different: “Will I look different? Act different? Talk

Doubts about living in a city: “Is it dangerous? Will I get lost?”

Doubts about living away from her family plagued her. That was the hardest
part – she wondered when she would see them again.

Even with the doubts, Alice tingled with delight.

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