Have fun while learning about The Bluegrass State!


Kentucky Crosswords are intended to be educational,
entertaining and solvable. They cover a spectrum of
subject areas with one central focus: the beautiful
Bluegrass State. Our history, geography and people are
main areas covered by these clues and answers. There is
also a smattering of Kentucky trivia for fun. All regions of
the state and each of our 120 counties are included – from
Fulton to Pike, from Boone to Cumberland. They are all in
here somewhere as a clue or an answer, or both.

This compilation contains what I believe to be the best
Kentucky Crosswords created to date. Following the
selection of puzzles, there are two sections that will assist
the solver who does not want to peek at the answer grids
at the end. The first is a listing, alphabetized by word
length, that includes every Kentucky-related answer word
used in these puzzles. If you want to know (without peeking
at the answer grid) if your proposed answer for a clue is
used, check the word list. Following the word list is another
solving tool, a Kentucky glossary. This section contains
Kentucky-related clues used in this collection of puzzles.
For example, if the clue reads: "KY county, home to
Cumberland Gap" and you think it's BELL but are not 100%
positive, check the clues in the glossary for “Bell” to see if
you are correct. Thus, both the word lists and glossary can
be utilized without peeking at the answer grids and
possibly seeing more of the solution than you want.

Puzzles in this compilation have all been previously
published as the weekly Kentucky Crossword in
newspapers across the Commonwealth. I wish to
acknowledge and offer my gratitude to several
newspapers that have played a role in increasing the
popularity of the puzzles:
Mount Vernon Signal (Rockcastle County),
Advocate-Messenger (Danville),
Ashland Independent,
Bowling Green Daily News,
Cadiz Record
(Trigg County),
News-Democrat and Leader (Russellville, Logan County),
Ledger Independent (Maysville),
Morehead News (Rowan County)
Fulton News.

I would also like to thank every solver who has critiqued
the puzzles over the years. Those who provided feedback
contributed to my knowledge of what makes Kentucky
unique. You have inspired me to learn more about this
majestic land and have confirmed my beliefs that the
Commonwealth's brand, "Unbridled Spirit," certainly
characterizes our remarkable people.
My hope is that in its diminutive way, this compilation
pays homage to that great spirit. Enjoy.

Vicki A. Benge
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Educational, entertaining & solvable!
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