ISBN    0-9778745-5-9
99 pages
a clever & revealing memoir
My mother wanted to have a talk with me. A private talk.
The mere suggestion made me queasy.

I assumed she had already done her part on my 12th birthday,
when she left a pale pink booklet titled
Now You Are Ten on my pillow.
I read it cover to cover and waited for her to quiz me,
but she never even hinted at it again.

I concluded the pamphlet was to be treated like the work of
the tooth fairy, too trivial for discussion at the dinner table,
but stashed away for that rainy day
my mother was always talking about.

After dinner that night, Mother patted the cushion next to her
on the couch and invited me to sit down.
She was chummier than June Cleaver at a covered dish supper.

[excerpt from "Tango, Anyone?" in Who Needs June Cleaver?]
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An award-winning newspaper columnist, essayist, playwright, poet, fiction writer
and public radio commentator,
Constance Alexander has been writing a
weekly column, "Main Street," in the
Murray Ledger & Times since 1989.  Her work
has been recognized for excellence by the Kentucky Press Association,
the Pew Center for Civic Journalism and the Newspaper Association of America.  
A New Jersey native, she is married to Roy Davis, artist and custom coffin maker.  
They live in Murray, Kentucky.
the author's experience on main street ...
.Essays in
Who Needs June Cleaver?
originally appeared as
newspaper columns
& public radio commentaries.
Who Needs June Cleaver?
reflects on
family relationships, events,
life-lessons, colorful characters,
and observations that
lodge in a child's memory
to linger through a lifetime.
Who Needs June Cleaver?
explores a time in which
children developed a unique
worldview while growing up in
small town "main street"
Who Needs June Cleaver? is an insightful and
multi-layered memoir based on the writer's
New Jersey childhood.   

With rich wisdom and perspective earned through
time and distance, the author explores images
going back to mid-century, a time unfathomable
to most American children today.  

Constance Alexander's engaging writing
Who Needs June Cleaver? does not flinch
from difficult recollections, but offers a beautifully
balanced view of an era that shaped a culture
while rendering itself obsolete.
(c) 2012
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This book's cover design
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was accepted into the 2007
"Visions From Voices"
exhibit at the
Kentucky Museum
of Art + Craft

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