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To grow up in southern Indiana is to grow strong in character
Debbie Manny Mosley's
first novel for young readers
is a delight for the senses.

Filled to the brim with adventure and mystery,
girls and boys alike will identify with
the characters Sarah and Wade ... and will thrill
to the local legends these two friends and their
neighbors have come to cherish.

DEBBIE MANNY MOSLEY grew up near Chicago in Dyer, Indiana.  
She wrote her first song on a napkin at Sir D’s restaurant at the age of 15.

She started a family in Lafayette, Indiana, while finishing her Master’s degree at Purdue University,
then settled in southern Indiana near Louisville.

Debbie has two sons, Matthew and Travis, and her dogs, Hershey and Bandit.

A teacher, author and songwriter,
Debbie guides fifth graders to find their own voices through writing.