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62 pages
From the pen of one of Kentucky's
most beloved arts activists ...
Judy Sizemore grew up in the lake country of New Hampshire.  
After extensive traveling, she and her family settled on the banks of a
creek in the hills of Eastern Kentucky because it felt like home.
Her poetry, stories, essays and travel articles have appeared in a wide
variety of magazines, newspapers and anthologies.
As a literary artist with the Kentucky Arts Council, she has shared her
love of life and words with thousands of children and adults
throughout the Commonwealth.
An ardent environmentalist and breast cancer survivor, she writes with
transparent candor about her experiences, her family and her feelings.
Cover art
is a work entitled
"Almost Home"
by watercolor artist
Pat Banks

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ASYMMETRY is a collection of poems about real life, about things that really
matter. These are poems of healing and honesty and rawness and simple
beauty, focusing on the little moments that anyone can relate to, no matter their
circumstances. I defy any reader to not be moved by this beautiful collection.
This one's going on my ‘favorites’ shelf.  
-- Silas House
Here are poems -- honest and large of spirit -- about
forests, creeks, starlight, dogs, breast cancer, family
and friends. They are also poems about wonder
and, most of all, about love.
-- Anne Shelby
Judy Sizemore’s poems are delicate, wrenching, exhilarating and dangerous.
They begin with straightforward lessons from geography and history, and then
guide the reader, step by step, through the Creation and all its wonders to the
horrors of mountain top removal. With gentle words and startling images, the
poet coaxes us into the deep end. Danger lurks beneath the calm surface, and in
the end we are awed by Asymmetry – a dark mountain and the brilliance of a
single star; mushrooms sprouting from the fingertips of the dead; a young girl
budding into a woman; the woman transformed to a warrior.   
-- Constance Alexander
Sizemore’s poems are centering in the deepest sense because they
articulate a human place in the world, a life lived in conscious relation to
trees and lakes, mountains and stars, a life of knowing “whose child you are.”
Along with family love, the knowing sees the poet through her ordeal with
breast cancer. There is hope and healing in these hard-won words.
-- George Ella Lyon
Judy Sizemore has one of the most powerful yet quietly insistent voices
writing today. These pieces come directly from the heart, and the skin,
and the breath of a strong woman unafraid of living inside her own
nature as well within this fragile, beautiful world.  While many know
Judy Sizemore as an arts organizer, a community activist and feminist
across the state, not many know her as a writer.  And they should.
This is what good writing and living to one’s depths is all about.
-- Normandi Ellis
photo by Robin Jones
photo by Dennis Sizemore
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(c) 2012
(excerpt from "Planting Memories")

And grown and urbanized woman that you are,
you are still my forest nymph
and I smile indulgently back at you
feeling the bond between us
far stronger than the gulf between lifestyles

You feel it too
as you hand your child into my arms
knowing that I will take him into the forest
to sing with birds and count tadpoles
and bring him home with muddy toes
and imprint in his mind forever
as I did in yours
as my mother did in mine
days of forest wonder
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a gorgeous collection of poems exploring life's spectrum
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Several works inspired by
poems from
including two paintings by
cover artist
Pat Banks,
were accepted into the
"Visions From Voices"
exhibition at the
Kentucky Museum
for Art + Craft
in Louisville.

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